10 Exciting hacks to customize your WordPress dashboard

10 Exciting hacks to customize your WordPress dashboard

WordPress has become the most common CMS platform. Now, most people create websites using WordPress and it offers various customization and plugins. There are lots of functions that make WordPress the best interface to create the site. You can make changes from time to time and make your site look perfect. Creating a website on WordPress is simple but there are lots of customization hacks to create an attractive and powerful website. 

Best hacks to customize your WordPress dashboard

Customize the logo 

When you open the dashboard, you can see two places with the WordPress logo (W). This logo appears at the Login screen and admin header. For your website, you can customize it with your brand logo. For customizing the logo, go to the login screen and then open your functions.php file and copy the code. 

Go to the logo and use the cursor to fit it correctly in the provided area. Now the logo on your WordPress website has been customized. 

Edit the auto-save interval

WordPress offers the auto-save feature to prevent any data loss issues. While writing a post, WordPress saves the changes in one minute. This feature is very helpful when your internet is not stable or the device is not working properly. WordPress saves all the data and you can work reliably. Without this feature, you may have to press the save button multiple times while working which can cause lots of interruptions. The auto-save function can prevent any damage due to blackout or system crash. But the one-minute interval can be a big gap sometimes. Say you are working on a crucial post and the system stops working. Now when you restart the system, you won’t get the changes you made at the last minute. To minimize the data loss issues, you can try reducing the autosave interval. Open the WordPress dashboard and go to the wp-config.php file. Define (AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL’,45); 

Now the autosave time interval on WordPress will change to 45 seconds. The change in time may look very small but can prevent data loss while working on WordPress.

Reduce the image size

WordPress is also known for its speed. The page loading of WordPress is excellent. But several factors can affect the page loading time. The website speed often gets affected by heavy images. People sometimes add big and heavy images to their blogs. These images not only increase the page loading time but also take up lots of storage space. Always add images with a small size to prevent speed issues. You can reduce the size of images using several online image compressing tools such as ImageResize etc. Most of these images are free to access. Also, don’t add large images to the post. If you add a large image with less content; it will not look good. You must add the correct image size with adequate content on the post. To manage the website speed, you can also check for caching plugins. 

Display your Google Analytics data on the WP dashboard

Adding the site to Google Analytics helps to check the traffic and various other things. It is one of the best tools for managing a website. When you open the Analytics website, you can see lots of data and features. Instead of visiting Google analytics, you can add it to your dashboard. It doesn’t show whole analytics data but provides the required data. In case you want to see more data, you can directly visit Google Analytics with a single click. For adding the Analytics, you can add its code on the theme pages or you can directly install the Analytics plugin. 

Customize the permalinks

Earlier, WordPress permalinks were plain like “ww.abc.com/?123” But now it also includes the day and name feature. Now it shows like www.abc.com/2022/01/01/sample-post.

This feature is beneficial as it shows more information about the post. However, when you update the old post, it will still show the old date. Due to this, your recently updated post may look old. To fix this error, customize the permalink. Go to the Settings and click on Permalinks; choose the Post Name and edit it. This feature is very helpful for SEO.

Increase the login time

WordPress has a login session time of 48 hours or when the user closes the browser. But logging in to the WordPress site from time to time seems bothersome. If you are using a secure internet connection then you should use the Remember Me feature. If you check the Remember Me box while logging in, your WordPress account will get logged in for 14 days. After 14 days, you have to re-login your WordPress account. In case you need more days then add a code on the function.php file.

After adding this code, your WordPress account will be logged in for a year. But you should use this function only on secured internet. If you are accessing the WordPress account on a public network then always log out once you have done your work.

Add featured image column

You should always add a featured image column on WordPress. This feature is very helpful if you are sharing a post on social media. Without the featured image, you will see only plain text on the shared post. But with this feature, you will see a featured image along with the meta on the post. Featured images make the post more attractive and you can get good views. The Featured image plugin will show the image which is associated with the post. 

Customize the CMS

Creating a reliable website is necessary, but now you can also skin WordPress dashboards and login screens. Several themes can make your site look better. But the user must add the theme according to the website’s purpose. Adding a bright theme for a medical or study website may look gaudy. Select the correct theme for your site and make it more appealing.

Add a calendar

For maintaining the work on your site, you must add a calendar. Using this, you can easily plan and organize the job. It helps to schedule the changes, edits, and new posts on the site. Instead of managing all the tasks yourself, get a calendar tool and manage all the jobs. After adding the calendar, you can manage the work easily.

Hide ads on certain posts

People often monetize the website to get good money with ads. But if you have certain pages or blogs where you don’t need ads then hide them. Many people create sites where they can manage the brand and also add related blogs. You can hide ads from specific pages and show them to others.